Eric Swalwell Nails It And Explains Why Jim Jordan And Kevin McCarthy Are Running Scared

Rep. Eric Swalwell said on Saturday that Jim Jordan and Kevin McCarthy are just 1/6 witnesses, but witnesses to Trump’s intent on the day the Capitol was attacked.


Swalwell said on MSNBC:

Jim Jordanand Kevin McCarthy are not only witnesses to what happened at the Capitol on January 6th, they are witnesses to Donald Trump’s intent and, his conduct, the decisions that he made that day. That’s why Jim Jordanshouldn’t be anywhere close to the dais that is investigating January 6th, but he may be close to the witness table. 

One question that I have, Jonathan, as Kevin McCarthy years ago, famously talked about how Benghazi was designed to tear down Hillary Clinton, well, will any of these witnesses have the courage that Hillary Clinton showed that day when she testified for 11 hours? Will we get 11 seconds of Kevin McCarthy? Will we get 11 seconds of Jim Jordan? Will we get 11 seconds of Donald Trump, who you remember refused to testify when called to the impeachment trial. 

It Will Be A Big Problem For Jim Jordan And Kevin McCarthy If They Refuse To Testify

So far, Jordan and McCarthy have talked a big game about having nothing to hide and being willing to testify, but will they still feel the same way once the subpoenas are delivered?

Jordan has admitted that he was in communication regularly with Trump, and Trump implicated Jordan in his coup plot according to handwritten notes of Trump’s conversations with DOJ officials.

McCarthy and Jordan are implicated up to their eyeballs in 1/6 and the events that led up to it, and that is why they are running scared of an investigation that is quickly closing in on them.


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