Shocking: DOJ Has Said Nothing To Eric Swalwell Since He Found Out They Were Spying On Him

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said that the DOJ had said nothing to him yet since he found out they were spying on him.


Rep. Swalwell said on CNN, “We haven’t heard anything yet. And there are a lot of questions we have and answers that we expect. Jim, this is unacceptable. Anyone who was involved in this should be fired and walked out of the department immediately because, Jim, look. This is not a 500-year flood. Donald Trump is not going away. He — Trumpism and corruption manifests itself in others in government right now. And next time, they may not, you know, be so patient to wait for an investigation. A more corrupt president may just cut to the chase and lock up his or her political opponents without trying to have the department of justice do it. That’s why we should make it very clear that we don’t do this in this country.”

Rep. Swalwell is correct. Trump is gone, but the corruption that he put in place remains. Attorney-General Garland has good motives and intentions, but it is unacceptable that someone high within the Department of Justice has not reached out to Swalwell to answer his questions.

The spying scandal is providing the fuel and pressure on AG Garland to do what he should have done on the day that he became Attorney General. It is time to clean up and disinfect the DOJ. A change in leadership at the top is not enough to undo the damage that was done by Trump and Barr.

Congress will investigate, but Garland must act immediately.

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